16 May 2024

From the Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Article by Bernadette Donnelly | Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning.

From the Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Term 1 was a term of new beginnings and settling into life at Saint Ignatius. Thank you for your support of the many learning opportunities that were provided. I trust that the recent Student Parent Teacher Conferences gave you an overview of your son or daughter’s Term 1 progress. I now encourage students to work towards achieving their Term 2 goals with a focus on effectively using class and home time. Just a reminder that parents and guardians are welcome to contact teachers at any time during the term to discuss their child’s learning.

Year 9 - 11 Semester One Examinations

Parents/carers and students will receive a copy of their examination timetable and letter in the coming weeks.

Year 10 and 11 examinations commence on Thursday 20 June and conclude on Thursday 27 June. Year 9 examinations commence on Tuesday 25 June and conclude on Thursday 27 June. Friday 28 June is a student free day for staff correction.

Important S dates

To assist students with their organisation and planning we publish S dates which refers to the final date for any Year 7 – 12 summative or reportable task to be completed. The Year 7 -12 Semester One S days are as follows:

Year 12: Thursday 27 June

Year 10/11: Wednesday 12 June

Year 9: Tuesday 18 June

Year 7/8: Friday 21 June

Year 9 Revision Program and Examinations

Year 9 students will undertake their first round of examinations at the end Term Two. Students will sit examinations in the following subjects; English, Humanities, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education and Science.

This year, we are introducing an explicit Revision Program period for the Year 9 students where they will begin to develop revision strategies and techniques. This will commence on Thursday 20 June and conclude on Monday 24 June. Students will participate in three consecutive ‘Revision’ sessions and one ‘Review’ session for each subject. They will also receive an extensive revision package to support their exam preparation.

Year 9 Morrisby Pathways Program

This year, the College introduced the Morrisby Pathways Program at Year 9.

The program is designed to empower our students by utilising the Morrisby Profile to assess their strengths and weaknesses, explore their interests and personality, and reflect deeply on their future pathways.

In Term One, all students completed a 100-minute online assessment. The data from these assessments has been processed and shared with students and their families. This term, a team of staff have been providing personalised guidance through one on one discussions with our Year 9 students to unpack the assessment data. This program allows the students to consider their strengths and interests prior to the Term 3 subject selection process.

Thank you to Leesa Snookes for introducing this program and overseeing its implementation, and the staff who have been involved in meeting with the students.

Term 3 Subject Pathways Information: Accelerated Studies

In Term 3, students will commence the 2025 Subject Pathways process. At ​​Saint Ignatius College, we offer students the opportunity to undertake selected accelerated studies. Accelerated studies are academically challenging and participation in an accelerated study is not automatic. Therefore, a student considering applying to study an accelerated subject must be able to demonstrate that they can cope with the workload, have sound organisational skills, have demonstrated excellence in their chosen Year 10 or 11 subject area, and that the accelerated study will not negatively impact on their Year 10 or 11 studies.

It is expected that any student considering applying to study an accelerated subject meets the following criteria:

• An overall result of 80% or higher in the accelerated subject area studied in Semester One

• An overall result of 75% or higher in all other subjects studied in Semester One

A high level of literacy is beneficial to a student studying an accelerated subject.

A student who does not meet the criteria in Semester 1 may reapply at the end of Semester 2 but cannot be guaranteed a place.

Bernadette Donnelly

Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning.