22 April 2021

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

Article by Joey Middleton

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

We were fortunate to have talented Baristas spend the day here at school teaching us how to make great coffee as a part of our upskilling program.

We learnt how to operate the coffee machine, all about the different coffee beans eg. Robusta, Arabica and the different types of hot drinks. We were shown how to make espresso, mochas, lattes etc, and my favourite being the espresso.

After being shown the ins and outs of the machine, we were able to make our own cup of coffee. It is not as easy as it seems, as it's a little more involved than just adding a teaspoon or 2 of coffee hot water and milk! It takes skill and a perfected technique to make the perfect coffee.

Spending the day watching and learning from these top baristas sparked an interest in me and I can definitely see myself continuing on to perfect the technique - it will be a hugely valuable skill to have. That could be being able to work as a Barista either after school/weekend job, part time work in between study or once perfecting the art of coffee making working as a full time Barista.

You can work anywhere, any country, hanging out in all these cool coffee houses and it would be a pretty cool job to have. I am looking forward to showcasing my skills through the VCAL Café Deja Brew.

A huge thanks to the VCAL team for organising it.

Joey Middleton