22 April 2021

ILC News

Article by Mrs Leonie Stephenson

ILC News

The ILC staff have reviewed our Overdue Procedures. We have now made some adjustments and modifications.

The new procedures will take affect Monday 26th April. The new overdue procedures are as follows:

Overdue Procedures

Once an item is overdue, the following procedures are in place.


Once a student has overdue items, they will receive an email reminder the item is overdue requesting it be returned to the ILC ASAP. These are automatically sent via Oliver (Library system).

Homeroom teachers will receive a daily summary of their class overdues. This is to be read out in Morning Homeroom.

Weekly (7 days overdue)

If an item is still overdue an email (worded differently) will be sent to the student.

ILC staff to try and speak personally to students (especially Year 7-9 when they visit the ILC for WIRED).

Fortnightly (14 days overdue)

If an item/s are still overdue after 2 weeks an email will be sent to both the student and parent/guardian informing them of the overdue item/s. Parent/Guardian requested to follow this up with their son/daughter.

Monthly (28 days overdue)

If an item/s are still overdue after 4 weeks an email will be sent to both student and parents. If the item is not returned within in 7 days (of the date of the email), families will be invoiced for the replacement cost of the item/s. Once invoiced no refunds or credits will be given.

If you have any questions, queries, etc please let me know.

Leonie Stephenson  Information Learning Centre Co-ordinator