22 April 2021

Northern Bellarine International Women's Day Event

Article by Veronica Fragapane & Janelle Nichols

Northern Bellarine International Women's Day Event

During Term 1, on Tuesday, March 9th, as senior student leaders, we were fortunate to be selected to attend the Northern Bellarine International Women's Day Luncheon 2021. 

This event, in celebration of women on the Northern Bellarine, we attended with Ms Frigo.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with many smiles and a lovely, upbeat atmosphere. Being the only younger-aged girls in attendance, several women approached us to engage us in conversation. They asked our opinions and thoughts on a variety of gender issues. In return they offered us advice and shared experiences that they wanted to pass on from their own lives. It was amazing to consider the ‘collective intellect’ in the room - so many women with an abundance of wisdom and knowledge.

We were seated with the MC, Patricia Crotty, and the guest speaker, Robyn Smith

Robyn Smith is the CEO of Sport Inclusion Australia and the first female elected Vice-President of VIRTUS (an international body representing athletes with an intellectual impairment). She delivered a captivating speech, which was both inspiring and filled with valuable information that everyone can take into their lives.

As part of the day, the 2021 Monica Hayes Award was presented. Monica Hayes was a role model for Community and Political Activism and was obviously highly valued by the women in the room. Instead of it being a competition, the award was instead given and shared by the three women who were nominated. This served as a reminder that these women are not working in competition, but are working together to create a better environment for all.

Veronica Fragapane (Arrupe Leader) and Janelle Nichols (SRC Representative)

Pictured in the photo below: Janelle Nichols, Robyn Smith and Veronica Fragapane