20 May 2021

Club Italia Excursion

Article by Mr Francesco Melli

Club Italia Excursion

On Monday the 10th of May 2021 the Year 8 Italian language students took off to destination Club Italia. 

The lively and enthusiastic volunteers of Club Italia guided our students through various activities. The students excitedly learnt about the traditional bocce technique and enjoyed the healthy competition amongst their peers. Following this, students participated in cooking sessions and the Club Italia master chefs had the students making delicious pizzas and Italian sweets such as Crostoli and Biscotti all’arancia. 

The activities also gave the students the opportunity to have conversations in Italian and listen to some life stories from the Club Italia members. At 12.30pm it was time for lunch and after having overfilled our stomachs with pasta, pizza and gelato, the activities continued with the Italian cinema activity and a fantastic ballroom dance session where students joined together to ignite the dance floor. 

An amazing dance demonstrations was given by the three instructors, who were wearing traditional clothes. The dancing activity was a real explosion of energy! Congratulations to all of the students for having shown excellent manners, great team work and the courage of showing off their amazing dancing steps...! Special thanks to Saint Ignatius College staff members Deb, Izzy, Donna, Alithea for stepping in and helping out with the activities.

Francesco Melli

Here some student comments:

Amelia Stanic: “My favourite activity on our excursion to Club Italia was making the Biscotti all'Aarancia - otherwise known as 'orange cookies'. I liked this activity because I love to cook, especially sweet foods such as cookies. The staff were so friendly, and taught us how Italians cooked, and even let us taste some of the dough. Overall the day was a blast and the activities gave us a great insight into  Italian culture”.

Lachlan Cutajar: “During the excursion to Club Italia I enjoyed eating all the food, such the pizza and the crostoli that we made and the Italian gelato”.

Eliz Ahmet: “Ball room dancing was the best! ”

Charlotte Van Loon: “My favourite part of the Club Italia excursion was being able to meet and have conversations with all the nonnas that helped us cook our morning tea and lunch. Also I enjoyed being able to learn about their past and about moving to Australia."