20 May 2021

Year 7 Camp

Article by Ms Leonie O'Brien

Year 7 Camp

From 3-7th May, our Year 7 cohort attended the Anglesea YMCA. Over 2 nights and 3 days, students worked both individually and as a team to overcome personal fears and achieve more than they ever thought imaginable. The students were positive and friendly and the YMCA staff commented on what beautiful young people they were.

The camp could not have run without our fabulous staff, who gave their time to allow this camp to go ahead. After the disappointments of last year, it was so much fun to laugh, get to know students outside the classroom and to watch friendships form.

Leonie O'Brien Year Level Coordinator - Year 7

Here are some of the comments made by our Ignatian Leaders of 2021.

Camp for Year 7s was excellent, everyone enjoyed themselves and I think we all settled in pretty fast. The first camp's weather could've been better and warmer but that didn't stop us from trying our absolute best in the activities. The second camp got better weather and they ripped through the camp amazingly. Camp was probably my Year 7 highlight and I can't wait for other people to experience it.

Amie Crone

Year 7 camp was an excellent experience, it really taught me a lot about my friends and it encouraged me to do things I thought I would never do. I got told that some of the activities you had to do included trust, and it was correct, all activities we did included trusting each other and I'm glad that camp was about getting us closer to new people and also getting to know new people. Overall, camp was wonderful.

Ashlyn Ellingsen

I remember when I was at the top of the giant swing I felt the adrenaline rushing through my body. This is how I felt the entire camp. Camp was an amazing experience that I will definitely not forget. My favourite part was when I felt like I was free-falling down on the giant swing. I loved the experiences and all the activities. I am grateful to the people that made it happen and made it a really memorable experience.

Timothe Garnier

My camp experience was amazing. All the activities were awesome. My personal favorite was the giant swing. I had an amazing leader, Emily. The cabins were good and I had some good friends in my cabin group. The food was ok. I had to have gluten free so mine wasn't as good as everyone else's. Overall I had an amazing camp experience!

Linnea Atkinson

Camp was a huge opportunity for all of the Year Sevens and a massive success. All of the students had a blast and even though many of us were nervous, we all enjoyed it a lot. Camp was a very special experience and one that we will look back on in a few years and be grateful that it helped us create friendships and memories that will last a very long time. Year 7 Camp was lots of fun with exciting and challenging activities that encouraged us to try new things. A huge thanks to all of the Saint Ignatius staff who went along to support us and to all of the YMCA staff for running the activities and cooking us delicious food. This awesome experience wouldn't have been possible without them. Also, congratulations to the Year Sevens who participated and I hope you had a wonderful time.

Harriet Stepto

I had a great camp experience I loved all of the activities we could do and that they were "challenge by choice," which meant that we did not have to do them if we did not feel comfortable, but I made sure to do them all because some things you do you can only do once. My favourite activity was definitely the vertical challenge where I could race my friend and it was so fun. The food was really good and tasty. I also loved the trivia night where I got to dress up in my sumo suit and I almost won! The questions were good and challenged us. Overall, it was a great camp and I was sad when it was time to go!

Austin Gill

The Year 7 camp at the YMCA in Anglesea was a great experience. The activities I did challenged me especially the crate climb because I thought I would only get up to six crates but I got to ten, which I was really proud of. Over the three days, the activities that we did, boosted my confidence significantly. My favourite activity was the giant swing because you could see the ocean from the top of the swing which, was 19 meters in the air. Overall, the camp was serious fun, I would recommend it to the Year 7s in 2022.

Luke Keast