20 May 2021

From the Principal

Article by Mr Michael Exton

From the Principal

Dear Saint Ignatius College Geelong community members,

Farewell Fr James

Fr James Puppady has been a tremendous support to the College in his leadership role as President of the Association of Canonical Administrators for the last four years. So it is with sadness that I inform you that the Archbishop has asked Fr James to relocate and lead two parishes in the northwest of Melbourne. Fr James will commence in his new position on June 9.

At Saint Ignatius College, we will miss him. As well as President, he has been a Canonical Administrator, Board member and College Chaplain for nine years. Fr James has celebrated many Masses, spoken at assemblies and significant school functions. His friendly, enthusiastic and generous nature has been greatly appreciated. In particular, his involvement with the student group whom he accompanied to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth in 2019, which was very much appreciated by all those involved.

We will take the opportunity at the Whole School Assembly on June 1 to express our gratitude and farewell to Fr James.

The Ignatian Year commences today

Today, 20 May 2021, marks the commencement of the “Ignatian Year.” The Society of Jesus and the Ignatian family will participate in this worldwide celebration from May 2021 until July 2022.

May 20, 2021, marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of St. Ignatius’ enormous change of life — that fateful day when Ignatius, the soldier struck by a cannonball while defending Pamplona, began his transformation into Ignatius, the pilgrim.

Ignatius’ injury started a process of conversion, which led him to have bigger dreams, no longer centred on himself but instead on God. It helped St. Ignatius to see all things new in Christ. 

"To see all things new in Christ" is the theme of the Ignatian Year.

At our next Whole School Assembly on June 1, we will celebrate the opening of this year. We will be honoured with the presence of Fr Quyen Vu SJ (Australian Jesuit Provincial), who will address the assembly.

Drysdale pedestrian underpass artwork

Main Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) approached schools located near the Drysdale Bypass to ask students to provide some thoughts about inspirational words that could be etched into a wall of the newly completed pedestrian underpass. MRVP wanted students using the underpass to be inspired every morning on their way to school. Two years ago our student leaders were involved in a workshop to develop a list of words to put forward to MRPV.

The uplifting words cast into the walls, include “believe and achieve”, “dream”, “inspire”, “be yourself”, “smile”, and “be the difference”, and were chosen by students from St Thomas Primary School, Bellarine Secondary College and our College.

The underpass is the final piece of the puzzle in the completion of the underpass, which links Drysdale with the education, arts and sporting precinct on Peninsula Drive. All three schools have expressed gratitude for being involved in developing the piece of artwork, giving the students a greater sense of ownership of this important community asset. We are also grateful for the landscaping around the underpass that improves the amenity of the area.

At the recent meeting of student representatives invited to view the underpass wall etchings, MRPV Program Director Tim Price said,
“This is another fantastic example of the local community engaging wholeheartedly in local infrastructure which makes the Bellarine a better place to live.”

Pictured above from left to right, Saint Ignatius College Vice Captain, Florence Noble, a Bellarine Secondary College Captain and Saint Ignatius College Captain, Daniel McInerney Sotomayor 

One of our College Captains, Daniel McInerney Sotomayor, who attended the viewing, said,
“I’m gobsmacked, it is incredible, it is so spacious. The words are perfect too, I also love to dream big, I have big plans for the future.”

The underpass is a welcome boost to safety for students entering the busy area and forms part of the 6 km shared walking and cycling path that has been built as part of the project.

Best wishes,

Michael Exton