21 November 2019

Debating in Semester 2

Article by Mr Michael Tod & Ms Andrea Dart

Debating in Semester 2

This semester, Saint Ignatius College participated in the Junior Secondary Program (JSP), an introduction to debating for junior secondary students.

In Round One, our team competed against Surf Coast Secondary College, arguing the affirmative on the topic ‘That we should ban junk food in schools’.

Brianna Brew (Year 7), Laura McMahon (Year 8) and Alanna Clark (Year 7) mounted a strong case for healthy foods at school and were victorious on the night.

After another victory in Round Two due to a forfeit, Max Craven (Year 7), Brianna and Curtis McCoughtry (Year 7) lined up against St Joseph’s College in Round Three, arguing the negative on the topic 'That we should restrict the drivers’ licenses of senior citizens'.

There was fierce competition and engaging speeches on both sides, with St Joseph’s ultimately claiming victory by just a few points. Thomas Mallon (Year 7) was a wonderful chairperson for our team and special thanks must go to those parents who attended the debates. Congratulations to all who were involved in our JSP Debating Program.

Pictured below: Back row: Brianna Brew, Max Craven and Curtis McCoughtry. Front row: Alanna Clark, Laura McMahon and Thomas Mallon

Mr Michael Tod and Ms Andrea Dart Debating Coordinators