21 November 2019

Year 7 Band Program

Article by Ms Veronica Marrie

Year 7 Band Program

Over the last semester, the students from Saints Coudere, Carroll, Strada, Ricci and Licona homerooms received an intensive, rewarding and enriching musical experience. 

Every week, they had a theory lesson with their classroom teacher and a practical lesson with their instrumental tutor. In the practical sessions, students learned how to make a sound on the instrument, where to place fingers or how to hold drum sticks correctly, how to use their breath, how to read the music and also how to play as one large ensemble. They learn how to care for their instrument and they even learn some of the history behind how their instrument came to be.

This experience culminated in an extravaganza on Monday evening, in which students performed a number of pieces both in small ensembles and as a large group. These incredible students had only received 15 instrumental lessons prior to the concert and performed at an exceptional standard. Congratulations to all students involved and a big thank you to their classroom teachers and instrumental tutors.

Veronica Marrie  Year 7 Band Program Coordinator