21 November 2019

'Love Your Sister'

Article by Ms Rebekah Spencer

'Love Your Sister'

On Tuesday November 19th the College hosted Samuel Johnson and his charity ‘Love Your Sister’.

Many of you know of the 'Love your Sister' campaign which has gained its profile through the work of various media organisations and the immense emotion attached to the fundraising efforts of a brother in aide of his sister's cancer. As so many of us have been touched by cancer stories, the 'Love you Sister' campaign certainly reached the hearts of many throughout Australia.

The 'Love Your Sister' charity was founded in response to Connie Johnson's incurable breast cancer diagnosis while only in her mid-30s. Since Connie's death in 2017, the charity has worked tirelessly to raise more than 10 million dollars for cancer research and treatment around Australia.

We all know of people who have been affected by Cancer and the show of hands amongst the staff and students in the gym was a heart wrenching example of this, and I think it was so important to take this opportunity today, albeit in a very crazy time of year, to remember that sometimes things pop up that are bigger than all of us and we need to grab these with both hands!

The response from the kids was incredible and l know as a health teacher Sam’s words are priceless and have a lot more weight than mine ever could!

As part of the day the College sold ‘Love your Sister’ wristbands and students and staff were able to wear their ‘craziest socks’ (gold coin donation) to raise funds for this worthwhile cause. This was supported by a BBQ during lunchtime.

Mrs Gemma Tolan was the driving force to get Sam to the College and l know Sam publicly thanked Mrs Tolan however on behalf of all of us we want to say well done and thank you for all the hard work and dedication she did in getting Sam here today. I know MrsTolan did a lot in the VERY short timeframe she had and it’s a credit to her for sharing her passion and belief in the cause.

Thanks to Attel, Kirsty and the VCAL team for the BBQ also!

Another example of a very positive experience at our College.

Rebekah Spencer