21 November 2019

Mathematics News

Article by Ms Colleen Boland

Mathematics News

Mathematics Textbooks 2020

Due to circumstances outside our control we have had to booklist a brand new Mathematics textbook for some of our Mathematics classes for next year.

• Year 7, 8 and 9 Mathematics classes and 10 Mathematical Methods will now be using Cambridge Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum Second Edition.

Please note that unfortunately this means that second hand textbooks will not be able to be used for these classes next year.

• Year 10 Foundation and General Mathematics classes will continue to use Cambridge Essential Mathematics GOLD Second Edition.

Second hand books are able to be purchased for these classes.

• All VCE classes will continue to use the current editions of their textbooks, so second hand books are able to be purchased for these classes as well.

Please remember that if secondhand books are purchased, the reactivation code for the digital access must also be purchased either through Campion or directly through the Cambridge website.

Australian Mathematics Competion

The results are now in for the 2019 Australian Mathematics Competition. This year 112 students from Years 7-10 challenged themselves by entering this long running, international competition.

The Australian Mathematics Competition is a challenging and enjoyable exam with many of the problems set in situations familiar to students, showing the relevance of maths in their everyday lives. This high-level assessment is designed to test mathematical thinking and the questions increase in difficulty throughout the paper, providing a challenge for students of all abilities.

Congratulations to all our students who entered. They all worked so hard during the competition, showing great determination and perseverance during the time allowed, definitely striving for the Magis.

We would like to especially congratulate Charlie Wayth (7 Ricci), who was the Best In School Award recipient. She received the highest score of any student at St Ignatius College.

We would like to celebrate the achievements of the following students who achieved Distinction and Credit Awards. Distinction Award recipients were placed in the top 20% of all students who entered the competition, while Credit Award recipients were placed in the top 55% of all students who enetered the competition. All our Distinction and Credit Award winners will receive their certificates at the next Year Level Assembly.

Distinction Awards

Year 7

Charlie Wayth, Jordan Hill, Eliza Gay and Thomas Allchin

Year 8

Mika Derrick, Sam Skuza, Alexander Joyce and Emma Fenton

Credit Awards

Year 7

Melody Davidson, Chelsea Ferguson, William Honner, Archer Stein, Brianna Brew, Will Hanley, Jack Jackson, Zane Kneebone, Curtis McCoughtry, Harry Tinker, Stella Burke, Alex Batchelor, Sebastian Maclean, Dante Nicholls and Jamieson Renkauskas

Year 8

Lachlan Di Pasquale, Zara Howell, Jet Lamperd, Keira Murray, Riley Hanrahan, Murphy Moulton, Jasper Clark, Louis Andrews and Summer de Vries

Year 9

Sam Hines, Toby Mew, Harley Corless, Tyson Henry, Hannah Mawson, Thomas Bothe, Hudson Choong, Veronica Fragapane, Audrey Hughan, Dante Traficante, Lucas Ash, Nick Gibbon, Jet Kneebone, Ethan Jamieson, Zak Poynder and Samuel McGlynn

Year 10

Bailey White, Zoe Ballard, Elizabeth Andrews, Ben Reid, Georgia Allison, Taia Saltamacchia, Jett Storey, Florence Noble and Emily Seear

Colleen Boland Mathematics Learning Area Leader