19 July 2022

Student Leadership

Article by Robyn Frigo

Student Leadership

ST IGNATIUS. INSPIRING ME TO BE A LEADER | At Saint Ignatius College Geelong we believe that the Servant Leadership Model of Leadership is fundamental to an Ignatian school.

Our vision is that students will value leadership through service and advocate for others, particularly those most in need.

In embracing the leadership opportunities at the College, parents and carers are encouraged to take a moment with their child/children this evening to consider one of the many positions that are currently being offered for the 2023 academic year.

All information regarding this process can be found on Xuno. Applications due Friday 29th July at 1pm.

Saint Ignatius College Geelong wishes all students the very best as they embark on their leadership journey at the College.

St Ignatius. Inspiring Me To Be a Leader.

Robyn Frigo

Assistant Student Leader Development Coordinator