19 July 2022

Performing Arts and Instrumental News

Article by Linda Pape

Performing Arts and Instrumental News

Performing Arts and Instrumental News

This month the students have been very busy rehearsing for the College Talent Quest and Triumph.

Sadly, due to Covid, ”Triumph” has been cancelled but the good news is that our Feast Day celebrations will be held later this year.

The rehearsals have not been in vain and we all look forward to hearing some wonderful music from the many bands and other performers in the college.

“The Conversion of Inigo”

For the past weeks, many students have dedicated their lunchtimes to performing in our film “The Conversion of Inigo.”

This film was to originally be performed as a play to the college in the MPC but thanks to Mrs Green’s wisdom, we decided to film it in case COVID-19 affected our Feast Day.

This coming Friday, all students will be viewing the film in their classrooms as part of our Feast Day Liturgy.

Many thanks to all the students involved and to Mrs Green, Mr Todd, Mr Meli who worked so hard to get this part of Inigo’s story on the screen. I was also very proud to be involved in such a rewarding experience.

Talented Students

Les Miserables”.

We have been extremely proud of many of our Performing Arts students.

I was lucky recently to see Centre Stage’s production of “Les Miserables.” Year 12 music student, Storm Randall, performed in the role of Marius Pontmercy. I congratulate Storm on his outstanding performance.

I was also delighted to see past students, Bailey Mitrovski, Paris Walsh and Ben McNaughton in the ensemble.

Lachlan Whatman

From April 29th -7th May, year 12 music student, Lachlan Whatman, was cast as Billy in “Bright Star” presented by Theatre of the Damned. Congratulations to Lachlan for his amazing performance.

"We Will Rock You"

Senior students Ebony Plowman, Lily Petterwood and Meg Grist are thrilled to be cast as lead roles in CentreStage's Young @ Part production of "We Will Rock You" in Purple Troupe. Ebony was cast in the role of Scaramouche, Lily as Killer Queen and Meg as Buddy, alongside other senior and junior students from our college. The show takes place later this year in October and tickets are now available via the Centre Stage website or directly through TryBooking.




“This semester's new Year 7 students have had their second week of instrumental lessons in the Year 7 Instrumental Program and they have made excellent progress after just one week of home practice. They have been working on a good posture, breathing and creating a good embouchure (how they grip and shape their lips around the instrument). They have produced their first notes and are delighted to be playing their instruments. We look forward to sharing a song or two very soon!”

Mrs Janice Wilding

Clarinet Tutor

Coming Events

Instrumental Night

Thursday, August 25th

7pm - 9pm

Multi Purpose Centre.

College Instrumental & vocal ensembles, solos, duets and trios.

Vocal Night

Thursday, October 8th

7pm- 8.30pm

Potato Shed

College vocal ensembles, solos & duets.

Instrumental & Public Speaking Lessons

If you are interested in taking private lessons, please fill out the form on Operoo. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email or ring the college.

We look forward to seeing you all at our coming events.


Linda Pape.

Performance and Instrumental Coordinator.