07 December 2022

Humanities Week - Amazing Race

Article by Alithea Anderton

Humanities Week - Amazing Race

To mark the end of Humanities Week, Saint Ignatius College Geelong hosted their first ever Annual Amazing Race during lunchtime on Friday.

The excitement at the starting line was infectious, as 10 groups competed for the ultimate prize, some Village Movie Tickets!

After the competitors received their first clue and worked out where they had to go, they made their way up to the Year 9 Center where they were asked to make a copy of a world famous landmark out of aluminium foil and kebab sticks, what incredible designs we had!

The second stop was at the temporary ILC where the competitors matched pictures of Australian events with the year that they occurred and finally, the competitors raced to the Science Lab, where they completed a mapping activity labelling continents and seas on a blank map.

After the competitors completed all the activities, they received their final clue to their final destination, this clue was: "I stand at the front, ready to greet you each morning. You might not even know I am here, but you should know about my life, because your school is named after me"

Can you guess where their final destination was?

Alithea Anderton

Humanities Teacher