31 March 2023

From the Deputy Principal - Students

Article by Mr. Michael Timms | Deputy Principal - Students

From the Deputy Principal - Students


Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather on Monday the SICG Athletics carnival was cancelled. A new date has been confirmed for Monday 8 May (Term 2 Week 3) at John Landy Field. It has been decided that the Carnival will be for all Year 7 and all Year 8 students only. The Sports Department will offer event trials for students in Years 9 to 12 during lunchtimes onsite at school, to assist with team selection for the GISSA Athletics Carnival which is scheduled for Friday 12 May.


All students will be dismissed at 2.20pm on the last day of term, Thursday April 6, 2023. The early dismissal aligns with the Public bus system and all the school buses have adjusted their departure times accordingly. As we look towards the commencement of Term 2, a reminder that it is an expectation that all students will be in their full winter uniform by Week 3 Term 2. There is a changeover period of two weeks when students may choose to wear either full winter or full summer uniform, not a combination of both. The holiday period is a great time to ensure that the students winter uniform is at an acceptable level and rectify if need be. All students will commence Term 2 on Wednesday 26 April, 2023.


I would like to take this opportunity to farewell two staff members Deb Pisarkis and Dave Peters. Deb was part of the Finance Department and responsible for coordinating the College’s network of buses and Dave Peters was part of our Facilities Team. We wish both these staff members all the best with their future endeavours.

We also have two new staff members to the College, Kellie-Anne Coates who will join our Finance team and Xavier Prendergast who is the College’s new Risk and Compliance Manager. We welcome both these staff and are looking forward to the contribution they have in their respective areas.

There are a number of staff who will be taking Long Service Leave in Term 2, Bruce Connor, Leesa Snookes (also Term 3) and Christian Berti. We hope these staff have an enjoyable and restful break and we look forward to seeing them return back to the College. We are grateful for the following staff who will be replacing the teachers on leave, Jacinta Lis, Sarah Smith, Ken Stewart and Dot Vajda. I am sure they will find their time at SICG rewarding.


The SICG Parents and Friends Association Second Hand Uniform shop has serviced the SICG community for many years. We are extremely grateful for the parent volunteers that have managed this store and provided this great service for our families. Due to a number of reasons the Second Uniform shop will no longer be operating, therefore we ask any families that have uniform on consignment if they could please collect their belongings by Friday Week 1 Term 2.


The annual Year 9 Camino Inigo (camp) will commence next week. The entire Year 9 cohort will converge on Mt Cole, located in Western Victoria near the town of Beaufort. To ensure the College is supporting the needs of all students the expedition has two different programs, hard top accommodation and a journey based option. Caleb Ryan, the Year 9 Coordinator, has done a tremendous job in organising the trip and we wish all participants, staff and students, all the best for the week.


It has been a busy Term with numerous events and activities organised for the students. These activities are aimed at fostering that important connectedness to the students' House and also further developing the sense of belonging to the College. The activities included House Carnivals, reading challenges, ILC quizzes, participation in College events such as International Women’s Day, production auditions and minor House competitions e.g. Tennis. Throughout the last two weeks we also held individual House Liturgies, I would like to thank all families who attended these liturgies and shared a light supper. These events provide a great opportunity for our families to engage with staff and students and celebrate student achievement. Currently Ricci House is leading the House Cup on 882 points followed by Xavier 807, Glowrey 800 and MacKillop on 721 points.

As we move towards the end of Term and celebrating the Easter holiday season, let us take a moment to reflect on the importance of this holiday. Easter is a time of hope, renewal, and new beginnings. It is a time to embrace the beauty of life and appreciate the blessings that surround us.

May this Easter season bring joy and happiness to your lives, and may it inspire you to live with purpose, passion and dedication.

Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Easter.

Michael Timms | Deputy Principal - Students