31 March 2023

2023 CLOGS Launch Dinner

Article by Amy Thompson | College Vice Captain

2023 CLOGS Launch Dinner

On Thursday, 23 March, myself and my fellow College Captains and Vice, joined by Ms Frigo and Mr Exton, attended the first CLOGS meeting of 2023 at St Joseph's College. CLOGS - standing for Catholic Leaders Of Geelong Schools, is an amazing network of dedicated fellow leaders who wish to see a change in the world as much as we do. The event began with a presentation from each of the four schools (St Joseph's, Clonard, Sacred Heart, and Saint Ignatius) about each of our schools' individual ethos, mission, and identity. This allowed us to deeply understand not only what made each of us unique, but, more importantly, what makes us similar. This was followed by a delicious dinner where we had the chance to get to know each other and also begin planning for the year ahead.

As a whole, the night made us understand that whilst we come from four different schools we all have the same drive and mission to be servant leaders, caring for others, listening to our peers, and making strides toward bettering our schools. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and would like to extend our gratitude to all the staff who attended, especially those at St Joseph's who organised such a well-run and pleasurable evening. I am sure I speak for all myself, Matilda, Ross, and Zac when I say we cannot wait to work closely alongside the other leaders over the course of 2023.

Amy Thompson | College Vice Captain