04 December 2023

From the Deputy Principal - House Competition

Article by Mr. Michael Timms | Deputy Principal - Students

From the Deputy Principal - House Competition

As you are aware this year saw the introduction of a new House system at the College.

A House system that ultimately changed the focus from sport to an inclusive competition that engages all students, increases our students sense of belonging and connectedness and promotes all aspects of the College.

This change also required an amendment to the existing sporting house names.

To Houses that linked with our Catholic and Ignatian Charism: Blessed Mary Glowrey, St Mary Mackilliop, Blessed Mateo Ricci and St Francis Xavier.

Points were gathered from a variety of events that occurred throughout the year: Some of these included our whole school sporting carnivals, library competitions and quizzes, UNO competitions, points for production participation, the summer reading challenge, Social justice participation and positive affirmations.

Our staff and students certainly embraced this new system, and as it continues to evolve I am sure it will further develop our students connectedness to the College.

The final House points tally for 2023 were:

MacKillop 1799

Glowrey 1860

Xavier 1997

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the winner of the House Supremacy Shield for 2023 is RICCI House on 2019 points.

I look forward to some new and exciting House events for 2024.