04 December 2023

Postcards to the front

Article by Mrs Kerry Horbowsky | Teacher of Textiles/Fashion/VCE Product Design

Postcards to the front

Last Term students and staff around the school wrote a postcard to a defender of Ukraine with a message of encouragement and hope.

Students from Mrs Kiely, Mrs Alexander and Miss Lossi’s classes made up the major bulk of postcards to be sent.

Thanks to office staff for posting the cards to the organiser for Australia, Peter Rammage. Our cards are now on their way on a dangerous journey to the frontline in Ukraine.

It can take 6-8 weeks to get to the defenders.

I’d like to thank all staff and students who took 5 minutes out of their busy day to write a message of hope. Also to those students who took the time to design a postcard.

You have done more than you know. Here is a message from Peter to the students at SICG:

“Tell the kids that because of their great work our total number of cards sent to Ukraine is now 7,872.

With the war in its 647th day Ukrainians need to know that they haven't been forgotten. With numbers like this they will know that they haven't been forgotten by Australia. It is such a wonderful thing that your students have done. Each card is treasured by the recipient, usually it is kept in a top pocket next to the heart as a talisman and re-read many times. “


Mrs Kerry Horbowsky