04 December 2023

Year 9 Drama Performance

Article by Ms Penny King | Year 9 Drama Teacher

Year 9 Drama Performance

The Year 9 Drama students have been working consistently on a special project throughout term four, titled “Theatre in Education.” This assessment task required the students to devise a play with a clear message for a younger audience. The students brainstormed ideas, then developed the plot, wrote the script and choreographed/directed the production. Music was chosen to accompany certain scenes. They exhibited outstanding collaboration skills throughout the lengthy process to perfect the modernised production of “Goldie” based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We invited the Grade 1/2s from St Thomas’ Primary to the production on Thursday 23rd November at the Potato Shed. The primary students participated in the action and the verdict, as the play was designed to be interactive with the audience.

The students and staff enjoyed the performance immensely: there was laughter, tension, clapping and lovely reactions to many aspects of the play.

After the performance, there was a Q and A session where the audience asked many and varied questions, which reflected they had heeded the message of “Do Not Steal” or there will be consequences! We had very positive feedback from the St Thomas teachers who also enjoyed the performance and apparently the Grade 1/2s were talking excitedly about the play when they returned to school.

I was so proud of the Drama students who were very resourceful for their costumes and props; their acting and improvisation skills were outstanding. I felt like I was working with Year 11 students rather than Year 9s, as they were so creative and skilled. The best aspect of developing and performing “Goldie” was that the students had so much fun and lots of laughs during the process.

Congratulations to Hayden Browne, Sienna Davidson, Hannah Dreise, Frey King, Billi Lucas, Perry Nicholls, Jasmine Smith, Mia Spurigan and Grace Vapp for all their efforts. They are all encouraged to further develop their talents by choosing Theatre Studies next year.

I have really enjoyed my time with these awesome students this term.

Ms Penny King, Year 9 Drama Teacher