04 December 2023

Yr 10 /11 Legal Studies / Politics excursion

Article by Deanne Allen-Emery

Yr 10 /11 Legal Studies / Politics excursion

Recently, Year 10 Political Studies and Year 11 Legal Studies students spent the day in Melbourne getting some real world experience in their respective subject areas. Year 11 Legal Studies students took part in the Courts Education Program which involved a visit to the Supreme Court and the observation of courtroom proceedings by sitting in on a criminal trial cross-examination that was being heard before Justice Fox. They gained invaluable insight into Court conduct and etiquette. Students were also given the opportunity to meet with Justice John Champion of the Criminal Law division of the Supreme Court and were invited to ask questions and tour the Law library. In the afternoon, students visited the County Court and learned more about the Jury empanelment process in Victoria and participated in a mock jury selection. The day was concluded with a visit to St Patrick’s Cathedral. It was exciting to see how inspired students were by their visit to the Courts with many expressing their desire to pursue a career in Law and their enthusiasm for Year 12 Legal Studies classes in 2024.

Year 10 Political and Legal Studies students began their day with a visit to Victorian Parliament House which involved a tour of both chambers of parliament, followed by a partaking in a mock bill through Parliament. This enabled students to have a greater understanding of roles of different parliamentary personnel and the process of how a bill becomes an Act of Parliament. Students also explored Old Melbourne Gaol to examine prison as a sanction, viewing prisoners living conditions and had the opportunity to hear interesting stories of prisoners who were incarcerated. Following from this, students participated in a mock court in the Old Melbourne Magistrates Court, focusing on a sentencing hearing for a culpable driving case and learning about the central criminal law theory that they have learnt in class. It was terrific to see students actively engaged and participating in both the mock parliament and court.