07 May 2020

Contact arrangements during Term 2

Article by Mr Michael Exton

Contact arrangements during Term 2

Due to the move to Remote and Flexible learning, we are maintaining communications via the following options

For general enquiries please telephone the College on 5251 1136 or email: info@ignatius.vic.edu.au

For student absence please contact the College office by 10am and leave a message or email: office@ignatius.vic.edu.au

For College Fee related enquiries email: fees@ignatius.vic.edu.au

For account related enquiries email: accounts@ignatius.vic.edu.au

For enrolment queries please phone 0429 962 259 or email: registrar@ignatius.vic.edu.au

For general IT support enquiries please email: itsupport@ignatius.vic.edu.au

For Wellbeing support please email: wellbeing@ignatius.vic.edu.au

Thank you for your understanding.