07 May 2020

Jesuit Mission Maytime Fair

Article by Ms Alicia Deak

Jesuit Mission Maytime Fair

Last Saturday, the 69th annual Maytime Fair was due to take place at Xavier College, Kew.

Each year, Saint Ignatius College Geelong arranges a Tastes of the Bellarine stall to sell fresh produce from our region. Saint Ignatius College has been supporting Jesuit Mission for many years through our Feast Day celebrations, Loyola Market, Year 10 Jesuit Mission Unit and the JACSA Immersion to Timor-Leste.

Even though the Maytime Fair did not take place this weekend, due to the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, we can still remember this day, the people we serve and give thanks for our solidarity and friendship.

Jesuit Provincial, Fr Brian McCoy and Jesuit Mission Rector, Fr Trung have recorded a “Maytime Fair Mass of Thanksgiving” and invite you, as members of our Jesuit educational community, to participate in this mass via the Jesuit Mission website: https://jesuitmission.org.au/maytime-fair/

Alicia Deak Justice and Service Coordinator