07 May 2020

Project Ignite

Article by Coco Bullock and Noah Gullan

Project Ignite

A message from the Arts Captains:

It’s with great excitement that we’d like to announce Project Ignite, a series of online arts competitions held in five areas: Photography, Visual Art, Musical Performance, Creative Writing and Short Film.

This project will be held over the course of Term 2, each competition roughly 2 weeks in length. Our aim is to inspire positive growth, creativity, and connection. Keeping in tune with ourselves and others is important, especially in these challenging times.

The dates for the competitions are as follows:

Photography: 27th April - 11th May

Visual Arts: 4th May - 18th May

Musical Performance: 18th May - 1st June

Creative Writing: 1st June - 15th June

Short Film: 15th June - 26th June

In these historic times, we are given the unique opportunity to truly pause and reflect. Through these various mediums of art, we encourage you to explore the theme of Isolation in your work, whatever that means to you. You can explore the serious nature of isolation, or highlight the comedic aspects of these truly bizarre times.

Together with the wonderful Arts teachers at our College, we’ll be judging submissions and awarding prizes to the winners of each competition when we return to school. The winning students will also have their works published in the school newsletter.

We hope you are inspired to express yourself, explore your passions, and ignite your light. “Go forth and set the world on fire.”


Coco Bullock and Noah Gullan Co-Arts Captains