07 May 2020

Year 7 Music Online!

Article by Mrs Veronica Marrie

Year 7 Music Online!

The year 7s are not missing out on their practical studies in music just because we’ve moved to online learning!

They continue to meet with their instrumental tutor and work through the program. Currently, students are playing repertoire such as Hot Cross Buns, Hard Rock Blues and Hit the Spot.

Normally, at this time in the semester, all the small ensembles would be joining together to play as one large group. While this is difficult in the current climate, students are still able to enjoy a similar experience by playing along with a specially designed backing track. This backing track has all the instruments of the band playing as one!

It means that students can practise playing in time with the backing track; a skill that takes dedicated rehearsal! Well done to all the year 7s currently studying music this semester. We are so thankful to the I.T. team and the instrumental teachers for transferring the program to the online learning format.

Mrs Veronica Marrie