07 May 2020

Supporting Young People

Article by Mr Michael Timms

Supporting Young People

Research suggests that 1 in 4 young people currently suffer from a mental illness. This statistic is quite concerning and highlights the importance of early diagnosis and support mechanisms that we need to put in place to ensure the safety of our young people.

SchoolTV, is an online resource designed to empower parents with credible, sound information with realistic and practical strategies. It addresses numerous issues relating to parenting and supporting adolescents through the difficult years of schooling.

In a special report by SchoolTV, Dr Michael Carr-Greg, a leading adolescent Psycologist, provides parents/carers with information on how to support the wellbeing and mental health of their children, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg outlines specific risk factors that increase the likelihood of teenagers developing a mental health problem. Adolescents are considered to be more at risk of anxiety and depression disorders which may affect their mood, thinking and behaviour. These can impact their ability to function and perform normal activities. Early intervention, diagnosis and treatment are more important than ever in the current climate.

The special report further highlights the signs that parents/carers should look for when determining if their daughter/son is suffering from a mental illness. Dr Michael Carr-Greg provides specific advice on what to do if parents/carers are concerned about their child and additional steps that could be taken. The link to the Schooltv special report is provided below. I have also included a link to the Beyond Blue Assessment tool, which could assist parents/carers to begin the conversation with their young person.

The College Wellbeing team have devised a substantial resource online through our CANVAS platform. The resource is for both parents/carers and students and has significant information on a number of wellbeing topics including: grief, understanding and dealing with suicide, controlling procrastination, anxiety, amongst several more. This is a great resource to look through with your young person and could assist in initiating some of those important conversations.

Working together can only strengthen the support our young people require during this difficult and changing time.

Michael Timms Deputy Principal [Students]

Schooltv – special report


Beyond Blue Assessment Tool:

4 - 16 years of age:


16 & over: