17 March 2023

F.I.R.E. Carrier News

Article by Attel Martschinke ( Teacher ) | FIRE Carriers SICG

F.I.R.E. Carrier News

On Thursday 9th March, Saint Ignatius College participated in the 2023 Victorian Catholic Schools FIRE Carriers Forum at Siena College, Camberwell. Alana Clark ( Year 11 ), Isabel Gee ( year 10 ), Ms. Kate Otto and myself joined 140 students and teachers from all over Victoria to talk and discuss the FIRE Carrier program. We shared ideas, listened to other schools' FIRE Carriers covenants and shared our schools commitment and future plans.

The FIRE Carriers forum was an opportunity to hear about the Stolen Generation Reparation, the Yoorrook Justice Commission report, The Victorian Treaty Authority Bill, The Garma speech by Australian Prime Minister Mr Anthony Albanese and the launch of a referendum of a First Nations Voice to Parliament. We heard from Aunty Vicki Clark who is a Mutthi Mutthi Wemba Wamba woman who has dedicated decades of her life to increasing understanding of Aboriginal spirituality and defending the rights of Aboriginal people to express this spirituality in its many forms.

A truly inspirational woman and a great role model.

Attel Martschinke ( Teacher ) | FIRE Carriers SICG