17 March 2023

VAPING – A Growing Concern in the Community

VAPING – A Growing Concern in the Community

VAPING – A Growing Concern in the Community

Recently, there has been significant coverage in the media in relation to the ‘vaping’ issue that is impacting our young people.

Vapes or e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that are used to heat a liquid to produce a vapour, which is then inhaled – mimicking the act of smoking. This is commonly referred to as ‘vaping’. E-cigarettes are mostly used to vape nicotine e-liquid solutions.

Concerns have been raised about the appeal of vaping products to young people. Companies glamourise their products to appear cool or fun, and create flavours that give off the perception of sweetness (such as candy or fruit flavoured) which appeal directly to young people.

Associate Professor Becky Freeman of the University of Sydney stated that recent research in Australia found that as many as one in three teenagers between 14 to 17 had tried vaping. This statistic is very concerning, especially considering the health implications that vaping can cause.

Although there has been limited studies to the long term effects of vaping, it has been discovered that using vapes can impair blood vessel function, significantly increase the chances of heart disease and expose the individual to cancer causing chemicals.

It is important for families and schools to work together in educating and supporting our young people through this issue. The College is committed to educating our students about the impacts and effects that vaping can have on their body. Recently the College has also updated the Drug and Alcohol Policy to incorporate an e-cigarette section. Due to the seriousness of this issue, the College has significant sanctions if a young person is caught vaping within the College environment:

First Offence

Level Two Infringement

External Suspension one day and parent meeting arranged

Health Education with the Year Level Coordinator or Head of House upon return to the College.

Second Offence

External Suspension two days

Provisional Enrolment (ongoing enrolment at Saint Ignatius College will be dependent on the student following specific requirements)

Third Offence

Student will be withdrawn from the College

The Government provides the following advice for parents whose child is vaping:

  • Start with information

  • Approach it calmly

  • Don’t make assumptions

  • Avoid judging or lecturing

  • Focus on health


In partnership together, I am sure we can educate our young people, work through this concerning issue and provide a safe and supportive environment that allows them to make the right choices.