17 March 2023

From under the southern sky, reach for the stars - MacKillop House Update

Article by Mrs Laura Taylor-Payne | Head of MacKillop House.

From under the southern sky, reach for the stars - MacKillop House Update

On Monday March 6, 110 Year 12 Saint Mackillop and Glowrey students and staff headed across the bay on the ferry to Sorrento to start our 3 day Retreat. We then caught a bus that took us to our final destination of Camp Don Bosco in Dromana. Spread amongst some bushland and close to the beach it was a beautiful location. After students settled into their cabins, the afternoon of activities started. We walked to the beach and along the foreshore to the pier, where students were able to enjoy a refreshing ice-cream. After dinner, one of the highlights of the retreat was the African drumming workshop they took part in-from dancing to learning different beats it was a fun evening for all.

The next day found us adventuring up to the top of the Arthurs Seat via the Eagle chair-lift. Here we truly witness God’s beautiful creation of our world. The view from the top looking out over Port Phillip Bay and The Mornington Peninsula took our breath away. An amazing time was had by all staff and students and we greatly appreciate the time, effort and energy that Ms. Kirsty Allan put into making this such a wonderful experience for all involved.

Mrs Laura Taylor-Payne | Head of MacKillop House.

Please see some reflections from our Mackillop Year 12 students.

I found retreat quite enjoyable as it allowed me to be with my friends and classmates in a different environment to school. The activities allowed me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do (for example the performance night) which made me get out of my comfort zone and give it a go. Overall, Retreat was a highlight of my schooling life and I will never forget that song that played every 5 minutes because it is still stuck in my head.

Harvey Mason

Retreat was a really good experience for the whole Year 12 cohort. The class of 2023 was split into two retreat groups one containing MacKillop and Glowrey students and the other being Ricci and Xavier which allowed us to bond with the students and teachers within our respective houses. The Retreat went over 3 days full of fun activities and worthwhile experiences. Our retreat was held in Dromana, a beautiful seaside suburb on the coast of the Mornington Peninsula. I think a highlight for most of the students was the Gondola ride which took us up and down Arthur’s Seat, allowing us to see the entire landscape of the town and Safety Beach on the coast. The Retreat focused on immersing us all in nature to provide a time of relaxation ahead of the busy year, as well as, allowing for constructive reflection.

Grace Durbidge

The Year 12 Retreat was a good experience as I got to know more about people I wouldn't have otherwise spoken to, as well as being with my mates outside of school. Going to Arthurs Seat was a fun experience being with my mates on the way up and seeing the views from the chair lift was good. I found the Retreat to be an enjoyable experience and one that I won't forget.

Riley Hynson

The thing I liked most about Retreat was getting closer to the people in my companion group. It was a very valuable experience. I also enjoyed the free time and playing Gaga ball. Overall the experience was great.

Ari Gillies

I enjoyed Retreat because it was good to spend time with our friends and get to know each other better at the beginning of Year 12. The Retreat was a good time to reflect on what was special to us and write a letter to our future selves to have at the end of the year. The African Drumming was my favourite activity as it was something I hadn’t done before and the Arthur’s Seat Chair Lift and walk was fun to do with our friends.

Breanna Parisi