17 March 2023

St Ignatius. Inspiring me to be a leader - Zac Dwyer | College Vice Captain

Article by Zac Dwyer | College Vice Captain

St Ignatius. Inspiring me to be a leader - Zac Dwyer | College Vice Captain

Hello Saint Ignatius College Community,

It is my honour to be writing to you. My name is Zac Dwyer, and I’ve been elected as College Vice-Captain. Recently within the school many events have come up, namely the Swimming Carnival and Year 12 Retreat.

Starting with the Swimming Carnival, yet again it was an absolute blast to experience. To watch swimmers display their strength, speed and endurance was one thing, but to witness at any point throughout the day the sheer amount of students pushing themselves to participate was another. The whole vibe of the day was uplifting and exemplified our school’s spirit.

Furthermore, the Year 12 Retreat to Dromana was also a massive event within our cohort. The first group went from Monday - Wednesday, with the second group Wednesday - Friday. It was epic. Everyone embraced their time spent there, participating in the numerous activities and just generally getting along with each other. The weather was also perfect, allowing both groups to experience the best of the camp; from African Drumming to beach walks, Arthurs’ Seat views to a dance competition. Overall, the time spent there can be summarised as cruisy and good-vibes.

To end it, I’m impressed to see that everyone is progressing, growing and uplifting. Wishing all the best for our time ahead.


Zac Dwyer | College Vice Captain