18 June 2020

Camino de Australia Update

Article by Mr Brendan Nicholls

Camino de Australia Update

Since our last update three weeks ago we have travelled another 900km!

We are now just 50km from Portland and looking strong to reach Port Melbourne by the semester break. Over the last few weeks we stopped very briefly a Seven Hills and St Ignatius College Adelaide.

Here are a few things we learnt during our visit:

Seven Hills

• Located in the Clare valley and is the first winery established in South Australia by Jesuits who migrated from Germany in 1851.

• The winery was established to produce sacramental wine for Australia.

• Seven Hill is still owned by the Jesuits today and produces sacramental wine and high quality table wines that are available Australia wide.

• Fun fact: Sacramental wine in Australia is fortified. This is uncommon in the Church and was approved so that wine would not 'go off' as priest travelled large distances on horse back in the early Church in Australia.

St Ignatius College Adelaide

• ​Established: 1951

• Structure: Co-educational over two campuses. Junior (K-6) and Senior (7-12).

• Motto: 'Deo gloria' - Glory to God.

• Size: 1500 students

• Principal: Peter Coffey

• Vision: "Saint Ignatius’ College reaches beyond academic achievement to shape the morals and ethics of the whole person. Our unique approach to pastoral care champions inclusivity and compassion, relying on the development of one’s conscience. In doing this, we seek to form men and women who live fully when they live not just for themselves, but for others too".

As we finish up for the term I anticipate that this may be penultimate blog post for the Camino de Australia as if we continue at the current rate we will travel around Tasmania and arrive back at school (virtually) before staff and students return physically at the beginning of Term 3!

Read the blog and check our progress here: https://sicgwolfpack.weebly.com/camino-de-australia.html

Brendan Nicholls