18 June 2020

Project Ignite

Article by Coco Bullock and Noah Gullan

Project Ignite

Hello again everyone!

Sadly, this marks the final contest for the Project Ignite arts competition series! Today we open the Short Film contest, we implore you, the staff and students of SICG to create and share your own film media products.

The outlines for the competition are as follows:

- You are permitted to submit 1 film, up to 10 GB

- Your film is recommended to not exceed 6 mins in total

- You may submit a short narrative film, music video, parody, dance video etc. the sky’s the limit.

- We encourage you to submit a piece that you have created during isolation, or one that incorporates the theme of isolation.

- Students and staff can enter!

- The competition will run until the 26th of June.

Please follow this link to the submission form: https://forms.gle/TN3AwxM5NqaS8ESE8

Thank you to all those who have taken part in the previous contests, it is truly amazing to see all the great work everyone has produced! And remember, there is still time, so please enter for a chance to win and show off your talent and skills. Winners of the past competitions will be approached and announced soon!

Good luck!

Coco and Noah