18 June 2020

Performing Arts News - June

Article by Mrs Linda Pape

Performing Arts News - June

Music to Our Ears

When students heard that band rehearsals were commencing on their return to school, the word excitement is an understatement.

It has been an exciting 2 weeks for many of our music students.

The Junior, Intermediate Symphonic Winds and the Stage Band are now back enjoying sectional rehearsals during the lunch breaks.

It is really heart warming to hear the students come together and play the pieces that they have been practising on their own for many weeks. Students have expressed their joy in making music together. Emily O’Kane commented - “I feel I’ve come home. Life is so much better”

We have no idea when our first performance post isolation will be held but students are still very keen to rehearse a number of works together.

It’s not always the destination but the actual journey that brings self satisfaction.

As the late famed tennis player Arthur Ashe once said, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” So it turns out that you might not even need to reach your goal to be successful.

Instrumental Lessons

Our Instrumental tutors are excited to be back face to face.

Nikki Zhao, our public speaking teacher, was very pleased with her zoom lessons with her students. This is what Nikki wrote to me during isolation, these are her reflections.

We are all adapting to new ways of working together during this unprecedented time. Thank goodness for the internet and social applications, that means I still get to see my students and their progress in Public Speaking. I was initially skeptical about teaching online. I thought, "how am I going to see their posture and breathing habits. How will I create an engaging and interactive learning space for my students online? Over the last 4 weeks I've realised that I need not have worried. Maintaining effective communication was the key to each student's own achievement. Students are unique and learn differently, so they have been encouraged to stay curious and open to explore their text, whilst using new 'tools' that supports their delivery.

Every week I meet with my eager students. I've felt rushes of joy seeing them become more confident with writing, speaking, and making improvements on vocal expression. I am very pleased with the students enrolled in Public Speaking, who despite the changes in their learning environment - still continue to practise the craft of communication. They are doing some great work, and we are looking forward to sharing that work soon! I am very grateful to be able to work with them.

If students are interested in taking private music or public speaking lessons, they are to complete the Instrumental enrolment forms which have been sent to all students.

Music on Zoom

During our zoom lessons we invited a guest singer/songwriter, Ms Rachael Brennan, to speak to the Year 10 Music in Industry class about the music industry and also the art of song writing. Rachael was most informative and the students loved hearing about her experiences and also listening to her perform.

I personally loved my experience of conducting zoom lessons and joining my students in their studies, lounge rooms or kitchens. Yes, we certainly covered much theory but what I loved the most, were the many vocal, guitar and piano solo performances from our talented students. The students also wrote songs and jingles and gave much praise and encouragement to each other.

What shall I miss about zoom? I shall miss the students’ smiling faces up so close to the screen, seeing their new cat or puppy. Hearing their shrieks of laughter, while my impressive white board went crashing to the floor and nearly taking out my study window! A wave and a smile from mum or grandma. Their cups of hot tea or chocolate sitting on their tables, sometimes accompanied by their weetbix. The sound of brothers or sisters playing or being overly loud and annoying all in the same room.

I shall miss Josh not being able to answer my numerous theory questions. The other members of the class said he had audio problems. “Cccan ot ee..to alk” were the sounds coming from Josh on zoom. One hour later -“Thanks for the lesson miss” said Josh.

I promised Josh I would get him back with an even better prank, as I am very competitive!

I awarded Josh the music trophy for Runner up in the Zoom Prank.

I won!

Maybe the students will tell you that story.

We are all looking forward to an exciting term 3 and hope the students have a restful term break.


Mrs Linda Pape Performance & Instrumental Coordinator.