18 June 2020

Year 7 Music News

Article by Mrs Veronica Marrie

Year 7 Music News

The Year 7 Semester 1 Music Program has nearly come to an end. Since returning to school, the students have enjoyed playing in small groups once again. Home Learning has meant attending online lessons with their tutor and rehearsing during the week with a backing track. Being back at school however, the students have had a pleasant surprise at hearing how much they have progressed and how wonderful the group sounds when playing at the same time! Please note, that students are to return their instruments to their tutor on the last day of their music classes next week.

The purpose of this article is to inform our families of what opportunities lie ahead. An email sent this week includes information about our Honorarium Program. Students who have completed the Semester 1 program can apply to hire an instrument from the College without having to pay a hire fee. Students will be able to continue learning their instrument in term 3 and 4 while being part of the Junior Band at weekly lunchtime rehearsals. Please note further information in the Care-Monkey letter and respond accordingly.

Students are also able to sign up for private instrumental lessons with tutors that visit the school each week if they wish. Further information regarding payment and sign up process is available from Mrs Linda Pape.

We are grateful for the work by our professional instrumental tutors this semester, particularly supporting and encouraging the students with their online learning. I was challenging but we did it!

Mrs Veronica Marrie Year 7 Band Program Coordinator