18 June 2020

Upskilling during Remote Learning

Article by Ms Kirsty Allan

Upskilling during Remote Learning

The remote learning scenario certainly impacted upon the VCAL pathway, as it did many subject areas. One of the subject areas, VCAL Applied Learning, in particular needed some rejigging to make it a worthwhile use of time and development of skills.

We started with some self-paced project based learning and were lucky enough to participate in the Jamie’s Ministry of Food online cooking course over the past five Thursdays. What a culinary experience it has been! One of the benefits of the online course is that everyone is working in a familiar (or not so familiar for some) space, their own kitchens!

Participating from home meant the students needed to utilise what they had at home, organise the shopping to create the recipes and prepare the space for the lessons. The ladies guiding us through the recipes were patient and kind, as well as pretty talented with a knife.

We created five meals, starting with eggs (poached, boiled and scrambled), chili con carne, homemade pizza, a spin on a traditional carbonara pasta with a fresh salad and homemade dressing and finally a spinach and lentil soup with chapattis. I can unequivocally say, the students were not excited about the spinach and lentil soup, however most were pleasantly surprised and even rated it their favourite dish.

The experience enhanced time management and communication skills, as well as expanded our understanding of what can create in the kitchen with simple, fresh ingredients. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with food through Personal Development Skills ‘Flavours of the World’ project and proposed 'Uber Eats' staff luncheon next term.

Kirsty Allan VCAL Coordinator