18 June 2020

SRC Update - Pants for Girls

Article by by Caine Gale

SRC Update - Pants for Girls

The SRC aims to address the concerns of students and implement improvements within our College.

For example, in 2016, Kiera Galan approached the SRC and proposed that pants be added to the girls’ school uniform. There was no change in 2016 but the idea was kept on the agenda.

Last year Meg Grist, now in Year 9, went to the SRC with the same request. This time the proposal was successful and pants are now an option for girls as can be seen in the photo below (Year 11 students – Emily Hurst and Florence Noble).

The SRC would also like to thank Deputy Principal, Mr Michael Timms, for his guidance and support with this initiative.

This is just one of the many examples of how change can be enacted through the Student Representative Council but change needs people to act so students with any areas of concern, or for improvement, within the school are encouraged to put their ideas in writing and approach their year level SRC representatives.

Caine Gale Year 12 SRC Representative and Mr Anthony Gravener Student Leadership Development Coordinator