18 June 2020

Year 12 VCAL Update

Article by Ms Kirsty Allan

Year 12 VCAL Update

Year 12 VCAL have been working hard around their chosen themes this Semester. Remote learning certainly presented challenges for VCAL classes, however the Year 12 group have really pulled together to create awareness of, and support towards their chosen themes.

In 12VBarry their theme is Native Wildlife and Environmental Awareness and 12VHealy worked under their chosen theme of Fitness and Wellbeing. To tell you more about the VCAL happenings, here is an update from two of our Year 12 students:

12VHealy: Georgia Mantzaris

In our PDS (Personal Development Skills) class for Year 12 VCAL we have been constructing products to create a wellness hamper. As a class we decided on the theme of ‘Fitness and Wellbeing’ and split into groups to contribute an item to a ‘wellbeing’ hamper. One group is creating a lip balm, another is lotion, the other things that will be included are bracelets, sleeping masks and a candle holder (complete with a candle). We have been working constantly in order to achieve our goal of creating 20 hampers. Everything is being created from scratch and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. These products will be sold and the profits donated to an organization supporting fitness and wellbeing.

12VBarry: Bailey Ash

During this semester the VCAL class of 12 Barry have been working on some products that will be auctioned on the 25th of June. We started the process in remote learning by having numerous Zoom calls and researching around how we can help the animals that were affected fires in Victoria. To raise awareness and to showcase what we are doing, we have made a website detailing information on numerous animals that were affected. We have made pouches and we've also constructed some bird boxes. We've been working hard alongside Mr. Patterson and Mr. Coffey to construct the bird boxes and have made 13 bird boxes so far. We were lucky enough to have Ms. Horbowsky lend us a sewing machine to help make the numerous pouches that have been hand sewn and we have also knitted blankets to look after the koalas and kangaroos that were injured in the recent bushfires.

On behalf of their classes, I thank the VCAL teachers and a myriad of other staff that volunteered their time to assist in the project, overseen by Mr Martschinke.

Kirsty Allan VCAL Coordinator